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SEASON 2008 - 2009

soul samurai: the world premiere
In Februay of 2009, Vampire Cowboys teamed up Ma-Yi Theater Company to unleash their most popular & critically acclaimed show yet, SOUL SAMURAI. A show about a young samurai girl and her fight through the mean streets of Brooklyn wow'd crowds and sold out houses. Once again mixing Vampire Cowboys award-winning blend of stage combat, puppetry, and multi-media, the undead wranglers and NYC's favorite Asian American theatre company created a post-apocalyptic vision of NYC filled with hip-hop, jive, vampires, and samurai that had folks cheering and coming back for more.

GLAAD Award Nominee for Outstanding New York Theater: Broadway & Off-Broadway

"Explosively Funny! Time Out New York Critic's Pick!"

"Exhilarating! Side-splittingly funny and slyly intelligent!"
– Andy Propst, VILLAGE VOICE

"Has HIT written all over it. Critic's Pick!"
– Martin Denton, NYTHEATRE.COM

"Theatre at its best. Backstage Critic's Pick!"
– Mark Peikert, BACKSTAGE

"A wildly funny, action-packed delight!"

"Sexy, and full of noisy joy!"

"You'd be hard-pressed to find two more frenetic & engaging hours of entertainment in this city!"
– Liz Gorinsky, TOR PUBLISHING

"Delivers a perfect combination of funk, vampire-ass-kicking, and bittersweet romance!"

"Delivers a satisfying blend of humor and violence!"
– Joe Bendel, J.B. SPINS

"One of THE best shows in the city! A New York Theater Corps Top Pick!"

"An extremely exciting piece of theater. See it before it's too late!"
– Samantha O'Brien, OFFOFFONLINE

"Required viewing for every queer woman within driving distance. Go see it. Make it your mission!"
– Laurel Fantauzzo, AFTERELLEN.COM

"A wonderful post-apocalyptic live-action supernatural samurai film! I recommend it!"
– Ian Randal Strock, SFSCOPE

"Get tickets NOW! I'll be going again soon!"

Production: Februay 14th - March 15th, 2009 at HERE Arts Center
Playwright/Fight Director: Qui Nguyen
Director: Robert Ross Parker
Producers: Abby Marcus & Suzette Porte
Scenic/Lighting Designer: Nick Francone
Costume Designer: Sarah Laux & Jessica Wegener
Sound Designer: Sharath Patel
Puppet Design/Construction: David Valentine
Production Stage Managers: Lyndsey Goode & Kat West
Assistant Stage Manager: Danielle Buccino
Production Manager: Gregg Bellon
Crew: Pete Boisvert, Stephanie Cox Williams, Matthew Tennie, Charles Timko
Publicity/Press Rep: Jim Baldassare
Photographers: Jim Baldassare, Theresa Squire
Cast: Sheldon Best, Jon Hoche, Maureen Sebastian, Bonnie Sherman, Paco Tolson

A Feature from "The Fight Nerd"

new york comic con 2009
Most of the year, Vampire Cowboys spends its energy bringing the wild world of comic books, pop-culture, and geeky fun to the land of theatre. However, one weekend of every season is devoted to the opposite. In February 2009, Vampire Cowboys returned to the New York Comic Con to play with their like-minded geeky peers and exhibit some new fights at NY's biggest convention for all things pop-culture. This year's fight force featured talented Rabid Vamps: Sheldon Best, Alexis Black, Jon Hoche, Tom Myers, Maureen Sebastian, Bonnie Sherman, Adam Swiderski, & Paco Tolson

February 6 - 8, 2009 at the Jacob Javits Center
Sheldon Best, Alexis Black, Jon Hoche, Tom Myers, Maureen Sebastian, Bonnie Sherman, Adam Swiderski, Paco Tolson
Booth: Sheldon Best, Alexis Black, Pete Boisvert, Chris Brown, Brent Cox, Stephanie Cox-Williams, Emily Edwards, Lex Friedman, Jon Hoche, Maggie MacDonald, Abby Marcus, Tom Myers, Kelley O'Donnell, Qui Nguyen, Robert Ross Parker, Daniel Rech, Maureen Sebastian, Patrick Shearer, Bonnie Sherman, Adam Swiderski, Paco Tolson, Jessica Wegener, Christopher Yustin

the saturday night saloon: season 2
In September 2008, Vampire Cowboys brought back its extremely popular series, THE SATURDAY NIGHT SALOON, a free monthly party at the company's studios which included ongoing serialized plays by scores of NYC hottest young writers, directors, and actors. Created to be a theatrical playground for VC's extended family artists from companies such as Ma-Yi, LAByrinth, Developing Artists, Nosedive Productions, Piper McKenzie, and others, every performance included cheap drinks, capacity crowds, and an exciting atmosphere for new artistic collaborations. The six shows for the 2008-2009 SALOON were (in order of performance):
ASSYMETRIC by Mac Rogers
SPEED DEMONS by James Comtois
RED ROVER by A Rey Pamatmat
KILL YOUR MESS by Megan Mostyn-Brown

September 2008 thru January 2009 at The Battle Ranch in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Producers: Abby Marcus, Qui Nguyen, & Robert Ross Parker
Lynn Berg, Hope Cartelli, Audrey Crabtree, Robert Honeywell, Jeff Lewonczyk
James Comtois, Megan Mostyn-Brown, A Rey Pamatmat, Robert Ross Parker, Mac Rogers, Webb Wilcoxen
Pete Boisvert, Dominic D'Andrea, Jill DeArmon, Abe Goldfarb, Josh Hecht, Matt Johnston, Meredith McDonough, Robert Ross Parker, Patrick Shearer, Jordana Williams
Performers: Alexis Black, Elizabeth Canavan, TJ Clark, James Comtois, J. Eric Cook, Stephanie Cox-Williams, Andrea Day, Jaden DeArmon, Danelle Eliav, William Jackson Harper, Jon Hoche, Jinn S. Kim, Jamie Klassel, Joshua Koehn, Michael Kohn, Daryl Lathon, Leah Lees, Jason Lindner, Nick Micozzi, Qui Nguyen, Kelley O' Donnell, Matt Park, Robert Ross Parker, Margo Brooke Pellmar, Jocelyn Pierce, Justin Reinsilber, Mac Rogers, David Spangler, Paco Tolson, Christian Toth, Aaron Roman Weiner , Scott Williams, Sean Williams, Sidney Williams, Max Woertendyke, Christopher Yustin, and others

revamped: seventies soul
In November 2008, Vampire Cowboys continued their sixth season with the fourth annual installment of REVAMPED. With this year's theme, SEVENTIES SOUL, seven of NYC's hottest writers blew up HERE ARTS CENTER with a slew of new bizarre allegories. The night, sponsored by Comic News Insider, Hue, New York Comic Con, The Onion, and Time Out New York, also included brand new Vampire Cowboys video shorts and fights performed by Rabid Vamps Alexis Black and Jon Hoche.

Production: November 17, 2008 at HERE Arts Center
Writers: Raul Castillo, Carla Ching, Matthew Freeman, Graeme Gillis, Jeff Lewonczyk, Rob Neill, Lloyd Suh
Directors: Kyle Ancowitz, Carla Ching, Dominic D'Andrea, Ashton Giaume, Michael Lew, Jeff Lewonczyk, RJ Tolan
Producer: Abby Marcus
Performers: Oscar Avila, Jill Beckman, Alexis Black, Jackie Chung, David Delgrosso, Chris Diercksen, Cara Francis, Graeme Gillis, Jenny Gomez, Ryan Good, John K. Hart, Jon Hoche, Jeff Lewonczyk, Jason Liebman, Toya Lillard, Jodi Lin, Kellie Montanio, Gregg Mozgala, Rob Neill, Denyse Owens, JJ Perez, Robert Pinnock, Kevin Prowse, Johnny Pruitt, David Spangler, Matthew Trumbull

soul samurai: first bite
Before it became one of Vampire Cowboys' biggest hit productions, it started as a workshop.

Workshop: October 27 & 28, 2008 at The Battle Ranch
Written by: Qui Nguyen
Director: Robert Ross Parker
Organizer: Abby Marcus
Workshop team: Jon Hoche, Maureen Sebastian, Bonnie Sherman, Paco Tolson, Temar Underwood

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